Home Learning Policies



    Hackensack Grade 6 Math

    Home Learning Policy


    Home learning is usually assigned Monday through Thursday.  Students are expected to complete all home learning assignments in a careful manner.  If they do not understand how to complete an assignment they should refer to the notes that have been given in class for that particular lesson.  All work must be shown in the homework section of their three ring binder.  Credit will not be given if only answers are shown.


    Home learning will be checked everyday; if it is complete the student will receive a check. Partially completed work will earn a check minus.  If the home learning assignment is not completed the student will earn a zero or No Credit (NC = 0%). 


    Students will have binder quizzes to check for accuracy.  The student will not always be told when this will happen since it is the student’s responsibility to make sure that all class work and homework is completed in a careful manner.  On these occasions the student will receive an actual quiz grade.


    Homework will be posted each day on the board and it is the student’s responsibility to write the homework in the student planner.  Homework will also be posted on the internet at www.hakcensackschools.org.  You can find my website by clicking the link “Internal Intranet” on the left hand side of the page.


    Graded home learning assignments that are not completed will have a one week grace period to be completed and will receive a partial grade. If the assignment is a result of an illness and a doctor note is provided the student may submit the assignment the following day to receive full credit.


    Students are expected to make-up all homework that is missed due to absences and/or extra-curricular activities. It is the student’s responsibility to make sure that home learning assignments are up to date.


    Students are expected to come to class prepared with their Math books, binder, sharpened pencil, and eraser.


    If a student loses their Math books please have them see me as there is a fee to have these replaced.