Class Rules, Grading and Supplies

  • In this section you will find the classroom expectations letter which will be reviewed in my classes at the beginning of the year. In addition to the expectations I have for my classes, students will also review the class grading system, homework and school attendance policies. Also, below is a list of supplies you need year-round for Spanish class.  Finally, in this section you will also find some of the rubrics we use in class for grading different activities.  These rubrics are bound to be modified according to the activity.



    You will always need....

        1.  A pencil or pen (blue or black ink only) 

        2.  A notebook  (if using a multi-section notebook or binder, make sure one section only for Spanish)

         3.  A folder

        4.  Coloring supplies (markers, crayons or colored pencils)- to be kept at home and brought in           when needed.  I will announce when you need to bring in to class, but it will be helpful                   that you have these supplies at home.

        5.  Spanish/English dictionary (optional)

        6.  Spanish Textbook (For grades 7 and 8-- provided in class)



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