My Homework

  • ¡Hola!  On this page you will see your assignments throughout the year.  

    As you prepare for the beginning of school, please keep in mind that you will need specific supplies.  I am listing them here.  Also, if you would like to start learning or practicing some useful phrases, you can visit the link below.  I look forward to meeting you in September!


    You will always need....

        1.  A pencil or pen (blue or black ink only) 

        2.  A notebook  (if using a multi-section notebook or binder, make sure one section only for Spanish)

         3.  A folder

        4.  Coloring supplies (markers, crayons or colored pencils)- to be kept at home and brought in          when needed.  I will announce when you need to bring in to class, but it will be helpful              that you have these supplies at home.

        5.  Spanish/English dictionary (optional)

        6.  Spanish Textbook (For grades 7 and 8-- provided in class)


    Basic phrases: