• Supplies for the 5th Grade Middle School Science Program


    The following is a list of supplies needed for Science. Everything on this list is a necessity for school use except for the required for home use items. These items are helpful to have at home for homework use. Students are expected to have these supplies along in class everyday.

    Please make sure that you replenish these items as needed throughout the school year.


    Grade 5  Science Supplies:


    One, 1.5 inch ring binder

    Pencils with erasers (you must have at least 2 in class at all times) 


    Mechanical Pencils are great as well, just make sure you have extra lead.

    One Pencil Pouch (please no pencil boxes)

    Extra erasers

    2 Two-pocket folders

    1 pk Colored Pencils

    Hand Held Pencil Sharpener with shavings container

    Required for Home use:  calculator, ruler, and protractor


    **Make sure to put your name (first and last) on your pencil pouch, binder, and folders. **