Daily Routine

  • Morning Drop off

    Students are sent up to the classroom at 8:12 a.m. at which time they will gather their morning materials at their lockers. Your child will be considered late if they arrive to Home Room after 8:20.


    Single Point of Entry

    All visitors and late students, after 8:30 am,  must enter the building through the SINGLE POINT OF ENTRY in the main lobby located at 360 Union Street.  You must obtain a pass from the security personnel on duty in order to gain entry to HMS.


    A.M. Home Room

    Students must be in Home Room by 8:20.  If you are late you must obtain a "late pass" from the Single Point of Entry in the HMS lobby.  As a class we say the pledge and watch the morning announcements on the classroom television. This is a great time for your child to sharpen pencils, organize their belongings for their morning classes, and pick up any notices being sent home from the office.



    5th grade dismisses at 2:50 in the afternoon.  Our class exits the building directly onto State Street via the courtyard NOT through the front doors of the building.



    Students may go to their lockers BEFORE a.m. Home Room, BEFORE lunch, DURING p.m. Home Room.  Students are not permitted to go to their locker in between classes.



    Every student receives a planner.  This planner should accompany him/her to every class they attend.  Homework should be written down during every class.  Please check your child’s planner every night to keep up with what home work should be completed.