Science Supplies

  • Please be sure you have these supplies on a daily basis and replace them accordingly throughout the school year. :)








    Welcome to Ms. Cuervo's Sixth Grade Science Class!!  I’m looking forward to a successful year.  Here's a list of supplies you should have in this class DAILY unless otherwise notified.  Remember to replace items throughout the year.


    1.    planner/agenda (provided by school)

    2.    pens and pencils (make sure it's legible ink; erasable is fine)

    3.    2 composition notebooks

    4.    5 POCKET folders

    5.    hand-held sharpener with a well

    6.    highlighter

    7.    colored pencils

    8.  independent reading material



    All supplies are due by Monday, September 11, 2017.  If there are any problems, parents or guardians should write a note for extended purchasing time.  Being prepared is a crucial part of ensuring a successful year.  We're looking forward to a great start! 





    Your Science Teacher,


                                                    Ms. Cuervo