Grading Policy

  • Grading

    Aspects that go into report card grades include, but are not limited to the following:


    TESTS/PROJECTS                     35%


    -always announced at least a week in advance

    -mostly based on a large pool of work completed

    -may hold an open study session the morning of

    -may be “take-home”

    -may be weighted

    -may be traditional pencil paper format or may be performance tasks



    -assigned at least 2 weeks in advance

    -students do most of the work at home, but periodic checkpoints may occur in class

    -may be independent, partner, or group, depending on assignment (In partner and group work cases, there will be individual grades given as well as group grades.)

    -may be weighted


    QUIZZES                                                       30%

    -several throughout the marking period

    -chunked information

    -announced and unannounced

    -based on notes, discussions, homework, class work, classroom experiences

    -may be weighted



    CLASS WORK/LAB INVESTIGATIONS                                           25%

    -student response/reflective sheets



    -collaborative and work ethic skills


    -teacher observations of student's skills in the areas of science content knowledge, conducting investigations, and building explanations  NOTE:  The requirements for earning an A or B in the first marking period will be less stringent.  Expectations of earned scores will increase as the year moves through the marking periods as the idea is to support and see progression of skill-building throughout the year.




    HOMEWORK                                               10%

    -written HW not assigned daily

    -review of notes or worksheets on the current topic-- always a good idea

    -graded using the check system found below

    -Homework handed in that is incomplete may be returned to student and receive no credit until/unless it is returned completed; at that point, it may receive partial credit.

    -Homework handed in late may receive partial credit.

    -A zero as a HW grade is not ideal and I will work with you to make sure it doesn’t stay that way, but it is ultimately your responsibility.  Get it into the “Better Late Than Never” Tray ASAP.



    *******Reading, writing, math, and thinking skills will all be factored into science grades at the professional judgment of the teacher.  We are educating to develop whole, well-rounded students and as such, the development of all these skills is important.


    Percentages of weighted categories for Grade 6 Science Department:


    35%     Tests/Projects

    30%     Quizzes

    25%     Class Work/Lab Investigations

    10%     Homework




    Letter Grade Values (as per HMS policy):


    A+       97-100

    A         90-96

    B+       87-89

    B         80-86

    C+       77-79

    C         70-76

    D         65-69

    F          0-64.9






    Check Grading System Breakdown:

    Check ++        100

    Check +           95

    Check              85

    Check -            75

    Check --          65




    All values and policies are subject to change.  Up-dates will be posted on website.