Grade 5 Projects

  •  Grade 5

    Marking Periods 1 & 2-  All students start class with a warm-up (WU).  We start out the semester discussing how to draw everyday basic items by breaking them down into attached shapes.  I demonstrate for the students using items directly from the WU box. 

    Students will enter the room and select one item each class to be drawn in three different perspectives.  This exercises takes approximately 5-7 minutes.  Their sketchbooks will count for 25% of their grade.  It shows me consistent effort and students become more confident in their drawing skills.

    Mixed Media Layered Owl Collage

    Students create a multi-layered collage creating a Vincent Van Gogh like Starry Night sky to create mood, two texture plates in different brown shades to create a bark texture for their tree and a bright eyed owl puzzled together with multiple pieces perches on a branch.

    Day of the Dead/Dia de los Muertos

    Along with the Spanish classes we celebrate and remember either and individual, group of individuals, loved one or perhaps a pet.  Students will write a few sentences about whom ever they are choosing to honor and give some personal details such as favorite food, interests...etc.  The information will be mounted and accompany a Mexican Folk Art Style drawing of a skull that is vibrant and kaleidoscope like with varying lines and patterns in dramatic colors.

    We will also be decorating Monarch Butterflies that will represent the migration that coincides with the holiday.  And finally we will be creating three shades and multiple sizes of paper Marigolds which are also a traditional a familiar part of Dia de los Muertos.

    All the students work will be displayed together in the glass case in the center hallway.

    Pablo Picasso Inspired Musical Instrument Collage

    We will first discuss the work of Pablo Picasso.  We will study his paintings particularly the paintings featuring musicians and musical instruments.  Students will then independently choosing an instrument to create into a multi-layered collage.  Students will use tracing paper to  to create an enlarged drawing of the instrument freehand.  Students have the options to abstract the image like Picasso or draw it more realistically.  They will then learn how to use tracing paper to transfer their drawing onto coordinated papers of their choosing (scrapbooking, construction, sheet music...).

    Students will then cut out and assemble the pieces.  If done carefully the pieces will layer up and fit snuggly like a puzzle and be a duplicate of their original drawing.