All Students

  • Heart Houses

    All students in each grade  have created "Heart Houses".  They are going to be coming home to parents and asking around the building for family and friends to buy their house. 

    We are raising money to make a donation to the Red Cross to benefit victims of Hurricane Sandy.  We discussed the devastation and loss felt by our fellow NJ residents and that this could be our little contribution for those that need to rebuild.  We are asking for a small donation of $2 since we also had families affected by the storm.

    They are miniature houses made of matt and poster board. We discussed the Victorian architecture seen down the coastline of NJ.  We looked at photographs of houses and discussed the porches, beautiful woodwork and inviting colors.

    Students then worked independently designing their houses first in pencil and then coloring them in permanent markers.  We then coated the houses with resin and attached either a magnet or pin to the back.

    For those friends and family who helped support us thank you so very much.  Your donations have made the students so proud and excited to be able to contribute. 

    A table will be set up during parent teacher conferences where additional houses may be picked up and donations may be made.