Grade 6 Projects

  • Grade 6

    Marking Period 1&2-  All students start class with a warm-up (WU).  We start out the semester discussing how to draw everyday basic items by breaking them down into attached shapes.  I demonstrate for the students using items directly from the WU box. 

    Students will enter the room and select one item each class to be drawn in three different perspectives.  This exercises takes approximately 5-7 minutes.  Their sketchbooks will count for 25% of their grade.  It shows me consistent effort and students become more confident in their drawing skills.

    3D Owl Collage

    Students will create an 8 layered 3 Dimensional collage using construction paper, oil pastels and texture plates.  Each student will first create a background for their collage using either black or dark blue paper.  They will create atmosphere by making a moon glow similar to Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night painting.  They will then construct a tree trunk out of brown paper and create bark like textures using texture plates and making a rubbing using crayons.

    They will then put together an owl using small pieces of paper and attach it to the backside of the tree so he peers out the hole in the tree.  They will support the tree so that it hovers above the background using paper springs they make out of small strips of paper.

    Mexican Folk Art Drawing

    We will discuss as a class the history and multiple cultures that influenced what is know today as Mexican Folk Art Style.  We will then discuss choosing and drawing animals that will be the main subjects of the drawings.  They will fill up the page by first breaking down the structure of the animal starting with the general shape of it's torso then building upon by adding limbs, neck, head...etc.  Students will then create as many designs and patterns as they can imagine in either kaleidoscope colors or black and white.  The drawings will be energetic and vibrant. 

    Students will finish off their drawing by creating a coordinating repeat pattern design around as a border.

    Multi-layered Paper Weaving 

    Students will begin this assignment by creating bold graphic designs with oil pastels on black paper.  Students have to use their knowledge in color theory to choose their color palette.  They may use a mono-chromatic, warm, cool or complimentary palette.  Students will create a balanced design with varying size shapes and line thicknesses. 

    When completed the papers will be gently bent and cut in mulitple thickness strips but leaving the ends of the papers intact.  This black paper will now become the warp for the students to weave through.  Students will have straws, metallic, construction, corrigated and decorative papers to weave with.

    They will use the varrying width papers to create 3 to 4 layers in areas.  The final accent will be 5-7 layers of coordinating paper in parallel cuts in the shape of a rectangle.  It will be glued to the middle of the weaving making it look more quilt like. 

    All quilt squares will be hung as a huge assemblage in the hallway.

    Pablo Picasso Inspired Musical Instrument Collage

    We will first discuss the work of Pablo Picasso.  We will study his paintings particularly the paintings featuring musicians and musical instruments.  Students will then independently choosing an instrument to create into a multi-layered collage.  Students will use tracing paper to  to create an enlarged drawing of the instrument freehand.  Students have the options to abstract the image like Picasso or draw it more realistically.  They will then learn how to use tracing paper to transfer their drawing onto coordinated papers of their choosing (scrapbooking, construction, sheet music...).

    Students will then cut out and assemble the pieces.  If done carefully the pieces will layer up and fit snuggly like a puzzle and be a duplicate of their original drawing.