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  • In this section you will find general class materials, rules, procedures and any other information or links that pertain to class.

    The following is a list of rules to abide by in the classroom.

    Classroom Rules:

    1. Talk when it is your turn.

    2. Act appropriately.  (sit quietly, keep hands/feet to self, use inside voice, walk, etc.)

    3. Be respectful of people and property.

    4. Be prepared.

    5. Be helpful.

    6. Do your best!!  Remember, it's ok to not know, it's not ok to not try.  

    Consequences for Breaking Rules/Disruptive Behavior:

    The following are subject to change based on the severity of the rule breaking/disruptive behavior.

    1. Warning.

    2. Hallway Conference.

    3. Detention during recess time.

    4. Call home/after school detention.

    5. Referral to central detention. 

    *Please refer to the Comet Code of Conduct for consequences for specific infractions. 

    What to bring for Social Studies:


    1. Notebook

    2. Planner

    3. Pen/Pencil

    4. Homework folder

    5. USB key for saving work

    6. Colored pencils

    What to bring for Read 180 Language Arts:

    1. Planner
    2. Pencil/Pen
    3. Homework Folder
    4. USB key for saving work


    Entering Class:


    1. Wait quietly outside of the classroom until the teacher arrives.
    2. Get your materials out.
    3. Sit quietly.
    4. “Do Now” or wait quietly for directions.

    Leaving Class:

    1. Clean up your area.
    2. Do your classroom job.
    3. Push in your chair, or put up your chair if it is the end of the day
    4. Wait to be dismissed by the teacher.