Tickets and Dollars

  • Tickets and Dollars

    Being a positive influence on the classroom community can earn you prizes! (In 5th grade we will use tickets in 6th grade we will use "Money")

    How to Earn Tickets:


    Students may earn tickets for:  following rules, exceptional behavior, random acts of kindness, exceptional class participation, exceptionally well prepared homework/quizzes/tests, performing classroom jobs and any other time that the teacher sees fit. 


    Ticket Redemption:


    Twice a month on Friday you will have the opportunity to redeem your tickets.  Tickets will also be used to buy supplies if you are not prepared for class. 


    1 ticket:  basic yellow pencil, 1 piece of loose leaf paper


    2 tickets:  anything in the “2 ticket” bin, a pen, a fancier pencil


    5 tickets:  anything in the “5 ticket” bin, a folder


    10 tickets:  anything in the “10 ticket” bin, a notebook


    20 tickets:  you may redeem 20 tickets for 10 minutes of “Free Time” on the computer.  Free time may only be used during independent work time or if you finish a test early.  Free time may be used to play educational games, look at educational websites or type assignments.  Free time may NOT be used to play non-educational games (e.g. Halo).


    30 tickets:  you may redeem 30 tickets for a night of “no homework”.  The “No Homework” coupon may NOT be used for a take-home quiz or test or a class project or final writing piece. 

    Can also be redeemed for a binder.