Homework Policy

  • Homework Policy

    1.  It is your responsibility to turn in your homework when it is due.  Neatness counts! 

    2.   You will receive 1 copy of your assignment, if you habitually lose your assignments it will affect your grade. 

    3.  Assignments that are late will lose 1 grade for each day that they are turned in late without a valid excuse provided by your parent/guardian.  Your parent/guardian may call me, email me, or provide a note. 

    4.  If you are absent you have the amount of time that you were absent to make up the work.  (e.g., if you were absent 1 day, then your assignment is due 1 day after your return, absent 2 days, then your assignment is due 2 days after your return, etc.).  It is your responsibility to get your assignments if you have missed class.