To Kill A Mockingbird Reader Response Questions

  • To Kill A Mockingbird Reader Responses

    Part I

    Directions: please remember that each response must be at least two paragraphs, use text support, and be well-written.  Use transitional words, academic vocabulary, and proper MLA format when citing.


    65. Chapter One- What is the author’s purpose in providing so much historical background information on Maycomb County, Alabama? How does her description of the setting impact the mood?

    66. Chapter Two- Write a character analysis (personality traits, actions, thoughts, physical traits, etc) of Scout Finch.

    67. Chapter Three- Why are Jem, Scout, and Dill obsessed with making Boo Radley come out? How does Atticus feel about their new pastime?  What literary devices does Harper Lee use to create suspense in this chapter?

    68. Chapter Four- What is the significance of the game the children are playing on page 53? What might be the possible consequences of their actions at the end of this chapter?

    69. Chapter Five- Research the phrase, “foot washing Baptist” and define it.  What claim is Miss Maudie making in regards to what makes someone a good or bad person?  Analyze her stance on religion.

    70. Chapter Six- Was Mr. Nathan Radley justified in his actions in this chapter? Why or why not?

    71. Chapter Seven- Why is Jem crying at the end of this chapter?  What is the significance of the filled in hole in the tree?  What might this symbolize?

    72. Chapter Nine- Write a character analysis (personality traits, actions, thoughts, physical traits, etc) of Aunt Alexandra.  Evaluate whether or not Harper Lee portrays her as a sympathetic character.

    73. Chapter Ten- How does Jem and Scout’s point of view of their father change from the beginning to the end of this chapter?  Analyze Atticus’ reason for not sharing his hidden talent with his children.

    74. Chapter Ten- Write an analysis of the shooting of the rabid dog.  Be sure to focus on the symbolism of the dog, its illness, and the shooting.

    75. Chapter Eleven- How does Atticus explain “nigger lover” to his children?  Evaluate the validity of this explanation.  Think about society during this time period.  What is the significance of the lesson in this context?

    76. Chapter Twelve- Why is it such a big deal that Calpurnia is taking the kids to her church?  What does this say about society at this time?  Analyze the attitudes of the other churchgoers.  Compare and contrast the views of both races.

    77. Chapter Thirteen- In this novel, there are three women who influence Scout in many ways.  Analyze how each of them (Calpurnia, Miss Maudie, Aunt Alexandra) impacts her.

    78. Chapter Fourteen- Identify and analyze how Jem “broke the remaining code of our childhood” (Lee, 187).  Was he justified in his actions?

    79. Chapter Fifteen- Atticus discusses the Ku Klux Klan and concludes by saying that Klan is gone.  Is this statement credible?  Why or why not?  Why might he have given this response?