TKAM Periods 1, 4, 6

  • To Kill A Mockingbird Reader Responses: Part II

    80.  Analyze the mob scene in chapter 15.  What is the author’s purpose in including this scene in the novel?  What is significant about the role Scout plays in the scene?

    81. Write a character analysis of Bob Ewell, based on his testimony in chapter sixteen.

    82. Analyze Lee’s portrayal of Mayella Ewell in chapter seventeen.  Is she a sympathetic character?  Why or why not?

    83. How does Atticus quietly protest the Jim Crow laws even before the trial begins?

    84. Although criticized openly, Atticus is respected throughout Maycomb.  Why is this?

    85. Discuss race issues in this book.  Why does Calpurnia speak differently around other Black people?  Why does Mr. Raymond pretend he is drunk all of the time?

    86. How does the trial and everything surrounding it change the town?  How does it change Jem and Scout?

    87. How does Jem explain the issue of class structure to Scout in chapter twenty-three (four kinds of folks)?  Does this class structure exist in our society today?

    88. How does Harper Lee use the literary device, irony, in chapter twenty-four?  Analyze the interaction between Miss Maudie and Aunt Alexandra.

    89. Respond to Tom Robinson’s actions at the end of chapter twenty-five.  Was this inevitable?  Why might Lee have chosen this ending?

    90. How does Harper Lee once again use the literary device, irony, in Miss Gates’ history lesson?

    91. Analyze Lee’s portrayal of the attack in chapter 28.  What literary devices does she use to create suspense?

    92. Write an analysis of Scout’s encounter with Boo!!!

    93. Why does Atticus argue with Heck Tate regarding Jem’s role in the assault?  What is Tate’s underlying message?

    94. What does Scout mean at the end of chapter thirty when she says, “Well, it’d be sort of like shootin a mockingbird, wouldn’t it?” (Lee 370).

    95.  Write a reaction to Atticus’ last words in this novel.  Do you agree or disagree with him? (Note: remain in 3rd person!!)