Othello Reader Response Questions

  • Othello Reader Response Questions


    1.   In the novella, Othello, Desdemona and Othello are obviously very integral characters .  Write a two paragraph character analysis-be sure to use details from the text to support your response.

    2.     Compare and contrast romantic relationships back then and today.  How are the issues of interracial relationships different and similar?  Discuss the differences and similarities regarding the age gap issue that Othello and Desdemona face.

    3.     Respond to the quote on p.17, “No one could see the agitation in the soul of the black man, an agitation even he did not understand.”

    4.     Chapter 4- write a character analysis of Iago.

    5.     Chapter 5- Why can’t Othello believe that Desdemona loves him?  What does this tell us about this time period, society, and his personality?

    6.     Chapter 6- What do we learn about Michael Cassio’s true feelings in this chapter?  Why has he kept quiet all of these years?

    7.     Chapter 7- In detail, explain the events that unfold in this chapter.  Why is this such a pivotal chapter?

    8.     Chapter 8- Why does Iago reveal the truth to Lord Bertrand in this chapter, when it is obvious he despises him?  What is his motivation?

    9.     Chapter 9- Why does Iago visit Othello and Desdemona?  What is the outcome of this visit?

    10.  Chapter 10- What do we learn about Lord Bertrand’s character in this chapter?  Why is this significant?

    11.    Chapter 11- respond to page 76.

    12.    Chapter 12- What happens when Michael Cassio gets drunk?  Why do you think the author creates this scene?  What is its overall purpose?

    13.     Chapter 13- Predict what will happen when Desdemona speaks to Othello on Michael’s behalf.   Why do you think this will happen?

    14.  Chapter 14- Write a reaction to the title of this chapter.

    15.  Chapter 15- Explain the significance of the red handkerchief.

    16.  Chapter 16- What do we learn about Emily’s true nature in this chapter?  Why might the author have waited so long into the story to reveal this information?

    17.  Chapter 17- How do the “seeds sprout”?  Explain the significance of this metaphor.

    18. Chapter 18- Respond to the quote, “I would rather have lost a purse full of money” (p114).

    19.Chapter 19- Respond to the last sentence in this chapter.

    20. Chapter 20- What mistake does Othello make in this chapter?  What does this tell the reader about his personality?

    21. Chapter 21-Predict what will happen to Desdemona after this chapter.

    22.   Chapter 22- Is Iago evil?  Why or why not?

    23.   Chapter 23-  Write a one page reaction to this last chapter.   Hint- be sure to pay attention to the last line!