House on Mango Street Reader Responses

  • House on Mango Street

    Reader Responses

    Directions: Each response must be two, full paragraphs- each paragraph must be 6-8 sentences.  You will not receive full credit if you don’t cite the text (quotes) and paraphrase.


    16. Respond to the passage, “In the meantime they’ll just have to move a little farther north from Mango Street, a little farther away every time people like us  keep moving in.” (Cathy, Queen of Cats).

    17. Write a character analysis of Marin (thoughts, actions, emotions, personality traits, physical traits, etc).

    18. What societal issue is being addressed in Those Who Don’t?  What is Cisneros’ message about this issue?

    19. Why is Alicia afraid of fathers in Alicia Who Sees Mice?  Include an analysis of symbolism in this vignette.

    20. Why are the girls “tired of being beautiful” in the Family of Little Feet

    21. What is the significance of Esperanza’s experience in the coatroom in The First Job?

    22. Write a two paragraph reaction to Papa Who Wakes Up Tired In The Dark.

    23. Respond to Geraldo, No Last Name.  What societal issue is being addressed here and how does Cisneros feel about this issue?

    24. After reading Four Skinny Trees, write a poem about yourself, using something in nature.

    25. Write a literary analysis of Rafaela Who Drinks Coconut and Papaya Juice on Tuesdays.  What is tragic about Rafaela?

    26. Create a character sketch of Sally.  Use details from a variety of vignettes.

    27.  What is tragic about Minerva?  Describe Esperanza’s relationship with her.

    28. Write a literary analysis of Beautiful and Cruel.

    29. Respond to What Sally Said.

    30. Write a two paragraph analysis of Red Clowns.

    31. What advice does Esperanza gain from the three sisters?  Analyze the message they give her.

    32. Respond to the last vignette, Mango Says Goodbye Sometimes