5th Grade Course Outline Unit 2

  • Unit Two Summary/Outline
    Essential Questions: 
    How do people adapt to where they live? 
    What happens when different cultures meet? 
    Lesson 1: Settling the Americas 
    Lesson 2: Native Americans of the West 
    Lesson 3: People of the Southwest 
    Lesson 4: Native Americans of the Plains 
    Lesson 5: People of the Eastern Woodlands 
    Lesson 6: The World Expands 
    Lesson 7: Spaniards Reach the Americas 
    Lesson 8: Spanish Exploration and Conquest 
    Lesson 9: Spain's Overseas Empire 
    Lesson 10: Searching for the Northwest Passage 
    Lesson 11: The First French Colonies 
    Lesson 12: The First English Colonies 
    Unit Two Performance Tasks

    Timeline of major events
    Native American Project
    Essential Question Writing Assessments
    Unit Two Test