Syllabus and Information


    Mr. Wuerfel’s Social Studies Class

     “The Road to Success”


    Comet Code of Conduct

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Safe

    Be Prepared


    Classroom Expectations:

    -         Never be afraid to ask questions

    -         Always respect other people’s questions or comments

    -         Help a fellow classmate whenever possible

    -         Always tell the truth

    -         Be respectful of yourself, your school, your peers and your teachers!



    All students are required to bring the following to class each day:

    ü      A pen or Pencil

    ü      Notebook  

    ü      Folder

    ü      Planner

    USB Drive


    Classroom Graded Criteria:

    Homework: (10%)

    Homework will be given on a regular basis, but not every night.  It is your responsibility to do the homework to the best of your ability.  Homework will be checked every day at the beginning of Social Studies class.  It is graded on a 0-3 point scale, based on effort!  All missing homework assignments can be made up the following day for ½ the credit.  In addition, homework may be copied down in class as it is being reviewed for partial credit.  It is your responsibility to show the teacher the homework once it is made up.  It will not be asked for.  When you are absent there will be a homework notebook in the classroom in which you can find out what was missed.  Homework now will be updated as often as possible. 


    Quizzes: (30%) Quizzes will be given once or twice a week.  ALL quizzes will be announced.


    Tests: (35%) You will be given at least 3 days notice prior to a test.  An in-class review will also be provided.


    Classroom Participation/Project: (25) All students are expected to take notes and participate in the lessons each day.  Asking questions and getting involved will help you to understand the material and know what you need to work on.  Inappropriate behavior that interferes with the learning will NOT be tolerated


    Daily Schedule

    A.     Warm-up/Do Now

    B.     Check and review homework

    C.     Copy goal for the day

    D.     Class Instruction and class work

    E.      Copy homework into planner



    Follow these simple rules and success is in your future!