Coat of Arms Project


    OBJECTIVE: Students will create their own Coat of Arms that describes them personally. Students should 

    use the internet or other resources to find examples and trace their shield, helmet/crown, banner, and mantle. A 

    sample website that can be used to find these is: 

    ASSIGNMENT: Students will have two weeks to complete the project and turn in on the due date listed at the 

    bottom. Late work will be counted off one letter grade per day late. 

    Your Coat of Arms has to have all of the standard features (on handout --four quadrants (individually checked), 

    mantle, banner, motto, helmet / crown, and then neatness and creativity together count 10 points. 

    You must do your own work. It must be created by you, the student. DO NOT copy someone else’s Coat of 

    Personalization of the project is a major part of the project and it must be valued. 

    NO MARKERS are to be used – just colored pencils and then it must be outlined in black fine tip marker (NO 

    PENCIL CAN SHOW). The Coat of Arms should be large and fit onto a poster board paper.

    1. Helmet/Crown – 10 points

    2. Mantle- 10 points

    3. Four Quadrants-40 points (10 points each)

    4. Banner-10 points

    5. Motto-10 points

    6. Neatness-5 points

    7. Creativity/Personalization-15 points Total: 100 points (Test Grade)

     Also, mottos must be pre-approved – & must be appropriate, prior to being turned in.