5th Grade Course Outline Unit 4

  • Unit Four Summary/Outline
    Essential Question: 
    Why do people take risks? 
    Map and Globe Skills 
    Lesson 1: The French in Louisiana 
    Lesson 2: The French and Indian War 
    Lesson 3: Colonists Protest British Rule 
    Lesson 4: The Revolution Begins 
    Lesson 5: The Declaration of Independence 
    Lesson 6: Fighting the War 
    Lesson 7: American Victories 
    Lesson 8: The War Ends 
    The Nation Begins 
    Unit Four Performance Tasks
    (may include, but not limited to)
    Timeline of Major Events 
    American Revolutionary War Hero Portrait Project 
    Loyalist/Patriot/Neutralist Persuasive Essay 
    Essential Question Writing Assessment 
    Unit Four Test