Important Ideas in 7th Grade Social Studies

  • Big Ideas for the Year

     1. Historical empathy allows us to understand the “why” events of the past happened from a time period’s point of view.


    2. Ancient civilizations have enduring impacts on later civilizations and the world.


    3. Throughout history, invasions have had long lasting impacts on cultures and prompted societal changes.


    4. Empires brought many people together by culture and force, but failure to do so enable others to remain in isolated and traditional states.

    5. Islamic civilizations and their improvements dominated the Mediterranean and impacted western cultures.


    6. The Renaissance in Europe led to cultural, scientific, and social changes.


    7. The Reformation caused changes in Christianity, as well as the political make-up of Europe.


    8. Trade routes influenced both culture and economics of all the societies that they touched.


    9. The Trans-Saharan Slave Trade impacted all societies that were involved.


    10. Europe dominated the cultures that they encountered economically and culturally.


    11. The Columbian Exchange reshaped the societies involved, both positively and negatively.


    12. Geographic tools help explain human settlement from past to present.


    13. Geographic factors promote and impede the movement of people and ideas.

    14. Trade routes between Africa, Europe, and Asia spread technology and major world religions.


    15. Improvements in transportation, communication, and technology have caused diffusion throughout the world.


    16. It is important to utilize both a group and independent perspective to analyze historic and contemporary issues.


    17. Greece and Rome were radical departures from the monarchy and theocracy run governments.

    18. The decline of feudalism led to the consolidation of power and the emergence of nation states.

    19.Governments and businesses must analyze costs vs. benefits when making economic decision.

    20. The distribution of resources over various regions has contributed to specialization, trade, interdependence, and wealth.

    21. Changes occurred that moved societies away from bartering and towards monetary economics.

     22. Societies and Empires follow a pattern of ascent and decline due to common circumstances: Leadership, resources, attacks, and geography.