Math Supplies

  • Supplies for HMS

    Grade 6 Mathematics Program

    Students are expected to have these supplies along with their Mathematics textbook with them in class everyday.

    The following is a list of supplies for the the 6th grade Mathematics Department. Everything on this list is a necessity for school use except essential items which should be kept at home and are helpful to have at home for homework use.


    • One, 1.5 inch ring binder - Must be this size!
    • Lined Reinforced Notebook paper
    • 3 insertable binder dividers. Make sure to have paper divided equally inside binder on the first day of school.
    • Pencils with erasers (you must have at least 2 in class) - make sure they are sharpened each night.  You can substitute pencils for mechanical pencils in my class, however, students that tend to play with the lead in class will not be permitted to use mechanical pencils. 
    • Extra erasers
    • 2 Red Pens for correcting homework


    Essential items for completing homework: calculator, ruler, and protractor