• Connected Math Grading Policy

    Test/Projects =  30%

    At the end of each unit of study the student will be assessed on the topic and concepts taught in class. 

    Projects a
    re due on the date assigned.  All work must be completed prior to the due date.  Pasting, printing, modifying are not allowed on the day the project is due. Phone calls home to bring in a project are not permitted. 

    Quiz  =     20%
    Quizzes are given at the end of investigations. Two or more investigations may be combined. 

    Class Participation/Work Ethic = 15%
    Students are expected to work work well with others,  sharing ideas and thoughts when asked to do so. Students are expected to stay on task when working in class.
    The Connected Math Series requires that students work cooperatively and collaboratively.  This is essential to the learning process.  So participation is a must in order to succeed!

    Graded Class Work  = 20%
    Classwork that is assigned and graded will count as 15% towards your overall grade.  Please make sure that all work is completed in a careful manner, double check your work for accuracy.

    Homework = 15%
    v+ = 100% - Student shows effort, work is neat and more than half are correct

    v- = 70%.  - Student shows effort, work is neat and less than half are correct

    Zero - More than half of the work is incorrect or the work is not shown

    A+ = 100-97
    A+ = 096-90
    B+ = 089-87
    B+ = 086-80
    C+ = 079-77
    C+ = 076-70
    D+ = 069-65
    F+ = 064 and below

    *****Partial completion of homework is not acceptable*****