Math Grid Paper

  • Grid paper is great for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems. 
    Hint: Use grid paper to make sure that your digits line-up correctly. Remember that decimal points should always line up when adding and subtracting numbers.
    When multiplying numbers with decimals, the decimal points do not need to line up. So...
    • Multiply normally, ignoring the decimal points.
    • Then put the decimal point in the answer - it will have as many decimal places as the two original numbers combined.

    Example: Multiply 0.03 by 1.1

    start with:
      0.03 × 1.1
    multiply without decimal points:
      3 × 11 = 33
    0.03 has 2 decimal places,
    and 1.1 has 1 decimal place,
    so the answer has 3 decimal places:

    Grid paper can also be used to create arrays, for solving area and perimeter problems.

    Use Tenths and Hundredths Grid Paper to help you solve fraction and percent problems.

    Most important of all use it as a tool to help you solve math problems!

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