Classroom Policies & Practices

  • Please note that the policies and practices stated here are subject to change throughout the school year. I will make every effort to inform you of those changes when it becomes necessary. 

    Classroom Rules
    1. Give your full attention to the person speaking.
    2. Raise your hand if you have something to share and wait to be called upon before speaking.
    3. Follow directions the first time they are given.

    Classroom Procedures
    Lining up - Line up outside the classroom and wait for me before you enter.

    Entering the classroom - Go to your seat. Start the Do Now exercise and keep a low noise level.

    Pencils - Fifth Grade students are expected to bring some type of functional pencil to class every day. I prefer that mechanical pencils be used in my classroom. Wooden pencils are permitted, but must be sharpened before class begins, as sharpening during lessons is disruptive, distracting, and time-wasting.

    Sign-out procedure - Get permission and sign out on the hall pass form. Take hall pass with you when you leave the room. Upon returning, quietly return to your seat and get engaged in the lesson or activity.

    Classroom Effort/Participation/Readiness
    At a minimum, students are required to have a working pencil and his or her notebook in class every day. In addition, students are expected to be an active contributor to our classroom community. See the Effort/Participation/Readiness Rubric for more information.

    Payback Thursdays
    Students who are unprepared for class and need to go to his or her locker, or otherwise waste the class' time, will "payback" the wasted time with a 5 or 10 minute after school detention on Thursdays. Incidents of wasted time can accumulate up to 30 minutes each week.

    Daily Class Work and Interactive Notebook Work
    Students are expected to read, write about, and discuss the topics covered in class, as well as participate in related classroom activities. Each lesson typically has an Interactive Notebook assignment. Class time is always given to work on Interactive Notebook assignments, however, students may need to finish an assignment at home if it is not completed during the given class work time. This is in addition to the normal assigned homework.

    During weeks with at least 4 school days, students are assigned a Weekly Geography Homework. The homework is handed out on the first school day of the week and is due on the last school day of the week.

    Homework also may be assigned after a skill that needs to be practiced or applied has been taught. It will be announced in class, written on the classroom SMART Board, and posted on Google Classroom. It is the student’s responsibility to check for homework each day.

    Please note: No late homework assignments will be accepted. If students do not have the assigned homework at the beginning of class on the due date, they will receive a grade of 65 and be expected to complete the assignment as it is gone over in class. If regularly completing homework is a problem for you, please see me. We will work something out.

    Quizzes, Tests, and Writing Assessments
    Quizzes are given based on skills taught throughout each unit of study. Quizzes consist of multiple choice, true/false, matching, and/or short answer type questions. Often, students may use their notes, homework, and daily class work for assistance. Tests generally are given at the end of a unit of study and consist of multiple choice questions. Students may be asked to respond to at least one open-ended question during each marking period as well.

    Normally, at least one project will be assigned during each marking period. Projects are graded based on a rubric supplied at the time the assignment is given. If a project is late, the grade will drop two rubric grades for each day of lateness until the lowest grade on the rubric is reached. I will inform students when a project that follows this policy is being assigned and will remind them of the grading policy.

    Make-up Work
    If you are absent, you are responsible for getting any missed handouts, notebook assignments and homework. Check Google Classroom, as I summarize each day’s lesson and post all handouts, assignments and homework there. Alternately, ask a classmate to see what you've missed. Remember also that if I hand something out during a lesson, your copy of that handout will be in class for you when you return. (I keep all handouts in a physical folder in a rack on the classroom counter.)  In addition, I normally am available for help during recess or after school if you need my assistance. I do not chase students to obtain missing handouts, complete assignments or finish homework. If you do not complete the work you missed, you will not receive credit. Contact me via email if you have any questions or anticipate a prolonged absence.

    If students participate in Band or Chorus during class time, they are responsible for making up any work they miss.  Students may come to me during recess or PM Home Room to find out what work they missed during class and what homework may be assigned for that day. Missing class for Band or Chorus is NOT the same as being absent from school.

    Graded Activities
    Grades are calculated based on Tests, Projects, Writing Assessments, Quizzes, Interactive Notebook Scores, Homework, and Participation/Readiness/Effort using the following weighting:

    Tests, Projects and Writing Assessments                                      40%
    Quizzes and Interactive Notebook Scores                                     30%
    Effort/Participation/Readiness                                                        20%
    Homework and Daily Class Work                                                  10%

    Total                                                                                                   100%

    Each student’s Final Grade will be determined by averaging their four Marking Period Grades. 

    Grading Scale

    A+   100-97
    A      96-90
    B+    89-87
    B      86-80
    C+    79-77
    C      76-70
    D      65-69
    F      64 and below

    Academic Classroom Procedures

    • Lecture/Discussion/Mini-Lessons - Remain seated in your chair. Get out your notebook, pencil, textbook, and/or handouts. Prepare to take notes. Raise your hand to participate.
    • Small Group Work - Stay in your assigned group area. Complete assignment using approved materials. Maintain a low noise level.
    • Independent Work - Remain seated in your chair. Complete the assignment using approved materials. No talking.
    • Other classroom procedures will be discussed as they are needed.