Comet Way

  • Our classroom is a place of learning. Therefore, I expect every student to conduct themselves honorably and to follow the Comet Way. In addition, I will not allow students to do anything that is not in his or her best interest or the best interest of our learning community. I will not allow students to stop anyone from learning and I will not allow students to stop me from teaching.


    1st offense:      Verbal Warning

    2nd offense:     Genesis Write Up, teacher assigned detention
    3rd offense:      Genesis Write Up, call to parent/guardian, teacher assigned detention

    Persistent discipline problems will be referred to Administration.

    Payback Thursdays


    Students who are unprepared for class and need to go to his/her locker, or otherwise waste the class' time, will "payback" the wasted time with a 5 or 10 minute after school detention on Thursdays. Incidents of wasted time can accumulate up to 30 minutes each week.

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