General Information

  • Morning Arrival

    On days of good weather, fifth grade students line up by homeroom in the parking area outside the main entrance to the 5th Grade Academy Wing of the Middle School (click here for drop off/pick up map). Students are escorted into the building by his or her homeroom teacher beginning at 8:12 AM to gather their morning materials from their lockers and report to homeroom for morning activities. Any student arriving after 8:20 AM must report to the Single Point of Entry (see below) to sign in as tardy and receive a late pass. Students who have made arrangements to meet with a teacher for extra help or make-up work before classes begin must have a pass from their teacher to enter the building early. On days of inclement weather, students may be allowed to enter the building early to wait in the multi-purpose room, but please have your child arrive as close to 8:12 AM as possible.


    Students who are having breakfast in the multi-purpose room may enter the school no earlier than 7:30 AM and then must line up outside with their homeroom. For more information about the Hackensack Public Schools Dining Services, visit their webpage by clicking here.


    Students must be in homeroom by 8:20 AM.  As a class we say the pledge and watch the morning announcements on the classroom television. This is a great time for students to organize belongings for morning classes and pick up any notices being sent home from the office. At the discretion of the homeroom teacher, students also may visit the Media Center to pick up/drop off books or obtain a recess pass.

    Normal dismissal is 2:55 in the afternoon.  


    12:30 and 2:00 Dismissals

    Early dismissal days are listed on the Hackensack School District calendar.  Flyers are also sent home to remind parents and guardians of upcoming early dismissal days.


    Students may go to their lockers during Home Room, before and after lunch, and at dismissal.  Students are not permitted to go to their locker in-between classes.


    Every student receives a planner at the beginning of the school year.  This planner should accompany him/her to every class they attend.  Homework should be written down during every class.  Please check your child’s planner every night to keep up with what homework should be completed.  

    Marking Period Schedule

    1st  Marking Period Ends - TBA
    2nd Marking Period Ends -
    3rd  Marking Period Ends -
    4th  Marking Period Ends -


    Progress Reports and Report Cards

    Progress Reports and Report Cards are issued four times a year. Progress reports are sent home with students and must be signed and returned to school the next school day.  Report cards are mailed home from the office.  Parent/Teacher conferences are held in December.  Afternoon and evening conferences are available. 


    Progress Reports Issued: October, December, March, May


    Report Cards Mailed Home: November, February, April, June


    Student Network Access and Email
    Hackensack Public Schools has created email accounts for all students in grades 5?12 to allow for collaborative sharing using Google Apps for Education. These accounts will be used at school for school related projects but may be used outside of school for personal email by students with their parents’ permission. No student will be assigned an email account without parental or guardian approval. Click here to download the email permission form and district policy.

    Single Point of Entry

    All visitors must enter the building through the Single Point of Entry in the main lobby located at 360 Union Street and obtain a pass from the security guard. Visitors must return their passes to the security guard and exit through the main lobby when leaving. There are no exceptions to this policy. Students arriving after 8:20 AM must report to the Single Point of Entry to obtain a late pass before reporting to class.

    Genesis Parent Portal

    The Genesis Parent Portal is our online grading program. This allows parents and guardians to view their child’s progress in their classes throughout the school year.  Click here for the Genesis Access Request Form. A photo ID is required to obtain access. Click here to access the portal.