Supply List


Essential Supplies

~ FOUR composition notebooks
subject, 100 sheets, 9¾ X 7¼ in


Please no binders, spiral notebooks, or anything but a basic one-subject composition notebook like the one pictured to the right. The cover may be any color or design. These notebooks often can be purchased for as little as fifty cents at many local stores. Bring all four notebooks on the first day of school. I will label them with your child's name and store them in the classroom for use throughout the school year.


~ A Pencil

Students are expected to bring some type of functional pencil to class every day.
I prefer that mechanical pencils be used in my classroom. Wooden pencils are permitted, but must be sharpened before class begins, as sharpening during lessons is disruptive, distracting, and time-wasting.

~ One box of facial tissues for classroom sharing
  (please bring at the beginning of the year)

We have been using between 70-80 boxes of tissues each school year!
Parents: an inexpensive box of 100 or more would be greatly appreciated.

Additional Supplies

Please Note: Any other tools or supplies will be provided by me as needed in class. We regularly use colored pencils, scissors, rulers, highlighters, pens, and clear plastic tape. Some students prefer to use their own tools and supplies when needed, and certainly may do so, but it is not a requirement of the class.